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June 3rd song

Doing this a day ahead since tomorrow will be quite busy. Uncle and Mom will be coming. Giving Uncle his own room so moving around a lot of stuff.</p>

Song is All I Never Wanted  by  Diana Degarma

It is a fairly newer song to my library so not too many long and deep ties in comparison to the last two songs.

This song reminds me of a Navy Corpsman. He had a lot of influences on what choices I made. He inspired me to test the water of the medical field and of consider the military. He was also one who helped me get over  the love/hate relationship that I had with my Frodo one. Indirectly the song fits Frodo as well. We were each other's lifeline for a while and he was reassigned and we broke contact.

The song by Sick Puppies 'All The Same' is kinda the song that more directly reflects Frodo and my short friendship. So today song is mostly for the corpsman.

It was back when I was young enough not to consider forever and old enough to be on my own and stuck in my own ways of doing things. I was planning on being a LEO and keeping my family together somehow.

There were a lot of considerations that I barely cracked the door for but as life happened Corpsman's ideas of who I could be and what I would be good at actually helped me when my own plans went up in smoke and my life derailed more than I had taken into account when planning out my life.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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We're new friends, so I'm just getting to know you, but I must say I love the song breakdowns you're doing. These are beautiful-- and I am always looking for new, great music.

Well I been having a bit more problems getting on a writing. Too many thoughts in my head so kinda break down of some of the stuff still bouncing in my head. :) I find music a bit more helpful when writing but haven't actually had time to just generally write without feeling pressure to do other things.

Kinda a balance to get me writing a bit more again and getting a bit more of a music fix. :) I too am always looking forward to new bands and music. Probably why I love to find people promoting local bands online since it's more difficult to find them. :) If you know of any bands you think I might like, please let me know!

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