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music for Apirl 1st to 7th

1st: Envoi  by absynthe Minded
2nd:  Akua Tuta  by  Kashtin
3rd:  Catastrophe  by  Anders Manga
4th:  The Rain within Her Hands  by  Belle Morte
5th:  Send me an Angel  by  Zeromancer (next post about it)
6th: Entropy  by  Informatik
7th: Rock and Rock Lullaby


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I can't take the LJ Android annoys me like crazy!!

It is very limited and a bit harder to work on for longer posts. I really don't like the long delay in keeping the friend's page updated. :(

I've just started using the reply in gmail feature, which I never realized we could actually do before. That's how I'm replying now actually. I wish they'd revamp the app though, I'd make it significantly easier.

I been thinking of having the messages forwarded to my email so I could keep up with it better and gmail isn't too bad on my phone either. :)

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