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In Light of Wrongs
First, I am apologize for not getting holidays off. I have been really off with my energy. Even sometimes sleep seems like it is taking more energy then giving back.

I am trying not to stress get the best of whatever energy I have left to do stuff but boy... even just a basic meal with family is getting the best of me sometimes. I really need my body to reboot and get back to something decently productive and able.

I didn't sign up for classes for next term although it was something I was looking forward but over the last 2 months my headaches have increased and maintained too much for me to feel I could handle deadlines or that amount of energy outlay but we will see if I can't sneak in a short term one later innthe term once I can see my doc and get the other appointments lined up.

Well anyhow this is just a brief update. Not even ten but ready for bed. :(


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