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Music of Jan 2017 oracle

As always just for fun but since stopped streaming music had to move to Spotify... had introduced me too so many new or lesser known artists that I do miss it!

1. Lights by Ellie Goulding

2. Heartbeat Song by Kellys Clarkson ft. Ikon

3. Diabolic Crush by Third Realm

4. Face The Truth by Unsung

5. My Mind Playing Tricks on Me by SickTanicK

6. God Be With You Until We Meet Again by David Tolk

7.  Forgiving by Namnambulu, [:SITD:]

8. I Will Fail You by Demon Hunter

9.  Obsolete by Backandtotheleft

10. Philadelphia by Parachute

11. Haunted by GatoPaint

12. Light Up the Darkness by Project Lionheart

13. Streetlights by Building Rome

14. Confined by Mesh

15. Death By Moonlight by Rhea's Obsession

16. Almost Here by Delta Goodrem, Brian McFadden

17. I Don't Deserve You by Plumb, Paul Van Dyk

18. Burn The City by Tragedy Machine

19. Is Nothing Sacred by Meat Loaf

20. I'll Be There by Mike Howard

21. New Elysium by Celldweller

22. First Time by Billie Myers

23. Little Man Big Man by Toad the Wet Sprocket

24. One More Try by Timmy T

25. Chance By Silent Season

26. Not Gonna Die by Skillet

27. My Own Nightmare by Downplay

28. A Neverending Dream by Cascada

29. Somewhere I Belong by Angel's Fall

30. Don't Say A Word (Acoustic Version) by Ely sion

31. Take Control by 3 Pill Morning


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