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A Covenant of Thorns...

If The Heavens Should Fall

We can't see through your translucent ways
Your words get in our way
Your words get in our way

I don't think I'd want to see anyway
I'd rather be in the dark
I'd rather be in the dark

Drowning in angel's wings
Don't turn away
I swear your halo gives light to my way

And we're so naive
So cynical
We've come undone

And if the heavens should fall
I'll be covered in
A blanket of stars
I'll be the only one
To dance on my own grave
And if the sun goes out
We can dance
Beneath the clouds
The two of us
In a ghostly masquerade

We don't to be told what to say
We speak in our own words
We speak in our own way

And if you took everything I had away
I wouldn't care anyway
I wouldn't care anyway

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did you write these, or transcribe them from somewhere?

i'm new around here and a bit lacking in context :)

No, they are from the band "A Covenant of Thorns' I should be getting some of my own writing up here in the next couple of weeks. Been slow on typing them up.


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