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Land, Cold toes and a cold.

A brief update before I sleep. We haven't had the time or energy we hoped to go to the land since the summer. We did get the shed up for supplies and basics so we wouldn't need to haul everything each time. We did see the results of a minor flash flood. We are on the lower side of the hill so quite a bit of water gathers at the foot of the land near the main bridge. We may be a wee bit of a rough drive way on that side but looking at maybe taking the time, energy and Mooney to make a nice bridge. Really don't need it but I think it will look nice and we won't have to rebuild the drive way if we get more flash floods.


When I was a kid there was no worried when I would be outside barefoot. Even in winter it never bothered me. When I was a teenager and did some backpacking and winter camping then it became over an issue. When I first got mild frost bite it didn't seem like a deal but a few repeats and such and now days it's so hard to keep me toes comfortable. Too cold most of the time and buring up other times. Last doc I talked to about it told me just try to wear double socks... well that didn't help. If my toes start to sweat, they start to ache so them being a little cold is usually better then too warm and increased ache.  :-(  Wish there was a way to find a happy medium with my toes.


The last week and a few days I went from a sinus infection to a head cold to a chest cold and now both a lingering head/chest cold and the guys got it too. :-(  I am a couple of weeks behind in my math class (I can not believe how much I forgot!) and will mostly be working on it for most of the weekend. Took m history midterm and got a 100 (kinda let us check out work which helped!) and only an 80 on my Anthro chapter that I skimmed through. Althought I thought I would have no problem getting an A...if I keep slipping on the chapter tests I won't be able to get better than a B. How I am not happy right now with my glitchy brain!


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Hope you feel better :) Good luck with future tests :)

Thank you. Starting to get over the cold. :)

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