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Geology in NM....for those interested
feil has been getting into geology a bit more even on a few field trips.. I know a couple of you are interested in rocks and science soo thought I would mention he put up a little journal, with photos, about Bandelier (Other part not to famous cave dwelling section) for you all could spend a moment looking it over.

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Thanks for sharing!

I am a geology minor (archaeology major) and my husband is getting his 2nd degree in geology right now! :) He has field school in NM next summer.

Awesome, Will you be traveling with him? My Chris and I was thinking of doing some trips and photo ops with some of the sites here in New Mexico. We are looking at him going back to school after he finishes his secondary ed degree (waiting on permission to student teacher right now for the next school year) and then he'll be going back for a B.S. in earth and planetary science. He is really interested in it and we do live in a good place for it. IMO. :)

If you don't mind, I will recommend your journal to him as well so you might get a bit more journals on his studies/interest with rocks. . :)

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