Candlelight Chaos

Dancing in life and partnered with the free will of destiny

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March 1st: Smoke  by Assemblage 23
March 2nd: Lonely  by  Shannon Noll
March 3rd: Do I Need A Reason  by  D'sound
March 4th: Ondine's Curse  by  Ashentide
March 5th: Anarchy  b Skazi
March 6th: Here Comes The Rain by Eurythmics
March 7th: In This Together  by Apopgyma Bezerk
March 8th: The Thin Ghost  by  The Hare and the Moon.
March 9th: I Don't Want To Wait  by  Paula Cole
March 10th: The Loss. The Fall. The End.  By Before and After Science
March 11th: Ugly  by  Sugababes 
March 12th: Denied  by  Sonic Syndicate
March 13th: Together We Can Shine  by  Andien
March 14th: Telling Lies  by  Grafton Primary
March 15th: The Best It's Gonna Get  by  Celldweller
March 16th: Here Me Now  by  Endless Shame
March 17th: Silence  by  Selena  Cross
March 18th: Your Loving Arms (club mix)  by  Karen Overton
March 19th: Made In Heaven  by  Deine Lakaien
March 20th: Sacred Smoke  by Eric Casillas
March 21st: Everything  Burns  by  Ben Moody (ft. Anastasia)
March 22nd: Stay  by  Shakespear's sister
March 23rd: Holle (meow mix)  by  Ivoux
March 24th: Paper Mansion  by  Dottie West
March 25th:  Reach Down  by  Scarlet Haze
March 26th:  Forever (psymix by negative format)  by  Bruderschaft
March 27th: Garden of Dreams  by  Gary Stadler
March 28th: Mo Ba Bin  by  Flip Kowlier
March 29th: Goodbye  by  Bow Ever Down
March 30th: Flight  by Cesium 137
March 31st: Nobot  by  Darkology
My 36th Year: Voices Carry  by Til Tuesday
Body; Party Til We Die  by  Corporate Soldiers
Mind; Heaven Only Knows  by  Richard Marx
Spirit; Black Sky  by  Meden Agan



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