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Giving up and getting attention

Sometimes it's difficult to believe people drawn to drama that the event is as damaging to them as they really speak of it...but it changes when the drama becomes quiet and indifferent. When the 'I can't go on' becomes a 'whats the point trying'... when the caps in writing becomes more formal and impersonal or the tears and silent and for a change they hide them.


It indeed makes the event MORE now to us outside of the mind. When we see someone who never want to shrug the smallest thing off starts trying to numb out and not ever care about issues that had matter... The alarms go off and the height of awareness flares. However, with drama seekers, these few events doesn't always result in something serious but a sudden understand that for a change it really is hurting unlike the past, the true questions of how to move forward or even how to communicate what happened or what one really feels strangles in their throat...and as an outsider initial all we can do is offer silent support and encourage them to talk, to cry and t accept the depths the events.


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I'm reminded of how it can be a very dangerous sign when somebody goes from from seeming agitated to calm because they have made the decision to kill themselves. Very scary.

I know that I've seemed to have lost the energy to expend on acting all upset. Sometimes I fear I've become too jaded to take anything seriously.

I feel sometimes I get too thick skinned with a few people who really have more interested in people trying to tell them it's other people at fault or that it the world and not them when they are stuck in a cycle and I just can't deal with hearing one more...Only if... or I did what was right/best/who I am,,, and yet the conditions repeat. I do feel at times I have to make more of an effort to listen then to just 'blah blah blah' happen in my head.

I can see how this is true...

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