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may monthly music oracle

May 1st: Up by the Saturdays
May 2nd: Eurotrash by Zeromancer
May 3rd: Sillyworld  by Stone Sour
May 4th: Criticize  by  Adelitas Way
May 5th: Troubled Dreams by Mankind is Obsolete
May 6th: The Apex Doctrine  by  System Divide
May 7th: Energy  by  Skillet
May 8th: Ave Maria  by  Charles Gounod
May 9th: Unexpected by  Neuroticfish
May 10th: Motivation  by  Kelly Rowland
May 11th: Best In Me  by  Sent By Ravens
May 12th: Watch me  by  Bella Throne
May 13th: Watching over Me  by  Thousand Foot Krutch
May 14th: King  by  King Gordy
May 15th: All Pro  by  Esham
May 16th: Rest in Pieces  by  Mesh
May 17th: Cold Comfort (Run Level Zero)  by  Pzychobitch
May 18th: Halielujah by  Alexandra Burke
May 19th: Ok  by  Psy'aviah
May 20th: Smoot flavor  by Novastar
May 21st: Transfer:complete  by  Icon of Coil
May 22nd: It's not Me It's You  by  Skillet
May 23rd: Nothing Nowhere  by  Jakalope
May 24th: Bleed Me Dry  by  The Murder of My Sweet
May 25th: Drive  by  Assemblage 23
May 26th: Beautiful  by  Anders Manga
May 27th: No Transmission  by  Endanger
May 28th: Streetcorner Symphony by Rob Thomas
May 29th:  The Sparrows and The Nightingales  by  Wolfsheim
May 30th: Black Dahlia  by  Hollywood Undead
May 31st: Too Late  by  Dead By Sunrise


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