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Fear and Facces

It's amazing how I have been considered most titles... from pagan to christian right, from liberal without logic to republican conservative, to being trailer trash, to a mini socialite. 


It's all to me a form of discrimination to label anyone or anything we don't fully understand. So for me, everyone should be given an individual value if we are to ever to expect to break the cycles of apathy towards those who don't fit our own models. I am not a socialist by practice but I do have an open door policy. I don't have much money but if someone has the shakes and need a drink, I don't feel it's my place to judge their needs and wants so likely I will give my change. I have friends in most all religions, I have friends of many ethic backgrounds and people from all economical classes.  I am blessed that these people could look beyond labels, blinders or boxing me in before they got to know me. To me they really do prove that people. can be individuals and valued above colored blind or religious freedoms...I can be proud to be who I am without feeling that people would see it as hostile act towards them.


I made mistakes. I learned from them. I have pride I sometimes have to swallow. I have scars that I sometimes feel they need to hide. I am not perfect in most ways but I am perfect at being me and knowing I too sometimes judge when I shouldn't, give allowances that I shouldn't and critize when I have been just a guilt of the same error. I need to improve, that is where I trust my friends and families to step. Non-involvement might make it easier but I do believe in community and empathy even to those who might become a rival. There isn't a history that makes someone less valued, there isn't a family that reflects each of the individuals..


Not the best but I love to hear what people think and feel. I may not agree for me or my lifestyle but I hope to practice the belief that all views are important and has some seed of truth and divine spirit but it does get filtered through our experiences and polluted as we feel the need to impose it on others. Still working on it and wanting to improve to see the value of each person and not the labels we declared on others or even ourselves.


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