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Ripples among the reflections.
In time we tend to change our view points and what we stand for but there times where reflecting on the fragments of what once was is needed. This passage of time may take away what we recall and sometime other people to assist us to see the full picture or even fill in gaps we never we able to see before. This can be a mixed blessing. Sometimes is reminds of places, people and possibilities that were good or bad. Bring out where we faltered or where we frayed and need to fix up before it erodes the good that came of the growing and learning experience.

I know there was a handful of people that I trusted without question. There was lessons I learned thoroughly and it shaded the view of the world around me. I want to take care of those around me but sometimes I haven't been the best to do the job with the best of grace or humility. I never have lacked passion in trying to be there for someone or to stand by someone bit the passion isn't always calm waters for the relationship of those involved. This aspect is something I still strive to balance.

Turmoil and disasters can be a link between me and most people I feel closest too. I believe in a mix of will and fate to leads us to where we stand now. It is not to leads us to a great fall or great glory but to find the greatest within ourselves or find the depths we can stumble our way into. This is mostly going to be based on what we accept, learn, or reject and ignore. It can be hard for us to calm our own raging emotions and have faith in our own logical practices. Seeing the blessing in blazing heat or feeling stillness in turbulent storms of actions and reactions around us. Knowing ourselves can be as important as knowing the skills to save another's life or soul. Getting lost in a purpose can make us just as lost within as it fulfills us. Being a friend changes as we change and the relationship ebbs and flows with experiences to make stronger ties and precious moments or burn bridges of trust and faith.

Sometimes learning when the strongest action we can take is standing still can be one of the hardest lessons. We are usually taught to get up and do something to get things to change or to walk in another direction. Sometimes watching the follow through is something bitter to swallow but refreshing after first impressions are over.

Sometimes it's hard to admit the one person we need in our corner is really our ownself. It's so easy to acknowledge that we sometimes need someone else but harder to admit to ourselves when our own doubts, insecurities and haunting memories are getting over riding our faith in our own strengths and abilties.

We each have a chosen set of interests and passions by nature and some by choice.

For now, the unknown to be embraced and that which was known to be distant and allowed to float by. Knowing what is to be can only be if we accept the unknown factors to hold our hand for the next step least at times knowing is just as hindering as being blind to the events around us.

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My list of people I can trust without question: the cute guy, bestpalmom and the princessbride.
Short list.

Yeah, there is indeed different levels of trust. I would say the without question IS a big step for anyone to achieve in someone else' but some level of trust even with ourselves need to be there when meeting new people to be open for that chance to ever come. I am not one to say trust anyone unconditionally and deeper trust needs to be found/earned or developed by experiences shared.

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