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A day late in dreams.
I was going to write last night. Got talking to a girlfriend and then fell asleep. So writing now to play a little catch up.

There is a lot of issues with me and education and lack of brain cells sometimes. I have become a bit more clear in my beliefs on some topic and sometimes fell more challenged then I should in basic discussions.

Like dreams to me is very important. Not so much because of the subtle under tones. I am usually a lucid dreamer so that can hinder the symbolically strong some dreams offer.

I do remember a time dreams and my reality wasn't to far apart. It has kinda got twisted and pushed away a bit from my daily life. It seemed to be uncomfortable for others when I did base things on how it did work in a dream. Yep, there was days a random decision would be made solely based on a dream.

For me it never felt strange or risky. Things haven't always been just as the dream but close enough not to feel it completely unexpected results.

Well gotta sleep but a few pennies of my thoughts.


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