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Wealth by Means
Sometimes it can hard to know when to spend money and when to hold back. I used to be a lot better at keeping a running balance and have a bit more of a rainy day fund. Between emergencies, addictions of others and such it really had demoralized me for much of budgeting. It seemed all for not. Lately been really thinking about it. We have a few monthly bills that will be paid but some others aren't really a concern since they are more personal based and it is a give and take with people involved. So sometimes it's difficult to remember to keep that balance in check too.

Been talking to a few people on a slightly spiritual level and I think had has been helping me reassess my own position in the family as well as in the check book.

It also gives me decent reasons to be a bit more hopeful and plan ahead even if it's long shots. I used to do things on faith a lot but has become less and less because sometimes faith under fire just seems like a mute story when only one has it vocally and mentally. Maybe science is the answer but for me I have the faith that science is ever changing and many principals won't change but the applications of them will.

I am not worried of having a a stash of cash or be able to get a new car every couple of years. I want a home big enough that friends and family can find it a retreat too, a place safe and healthy for fostering children and caring for the elders as events come up. I want a place my pets are safe but have room to play a modest income for bills, unexpected expenses, and a bit of play money. I don't need to be on a cruise every year or get the next new game or computer. I know this is doable even on low incomes with the right frame of mind and long term planning as well as short term purchases.

Well random thoughts of the night.


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