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Music for October
October 1st: All I Ever Wanted. by Kelly Clarkson

October 2nd: The Beautiful People by. Marilyn Manson

October 3rd: The Slow Cruel Hands of Time. by Bands of Horses.

October 4th: Love ain't Enough by the Bar Brothers

October 5th: Devil We Know by Lily and Madeleine

October 6th: Butterfly by Serj Tankian

October 7th: First Time by Rotersand

October 8th: Speak by Godsmack

October 9th: Perfect Sunrise. By. Stromkern

October 10th: Senorita by 3ce and J simms

October 11th: Breaking Away by Jako Graham

October 12th: Calling For You. By Iris DeMent

October 13th: All Grown Up. By. Gore Gore girls.

October 14th: Leave All This Behind. By Assemblage 23.

October 15th: Sunshine by Skylar Grey

October 16th: Hey by. Filip Jensen

Oct 17: Dear Money. By Josh Wilson

October 18th: Chain Lightning by Deborah Allen

October 19th: Chi Mi Nor Morbheanna by The Rankin Family

October 20th: Sleepingwalking by Daniel Cage

October 21st: Birds On Sunday by. Royal Wood

October 22nd: Angel in Blue Jeans by Train

October 23rd: Changed My Mind by E-Dubble

October 24th: All by Blackbird Blackbird

October 25th: Tears by Bonnie Tyler

October 26th: Hooked by Seabound

October 27th: Suffocate by El Caco

October 28th: Fix Me by Velvet

October 29th: Siren's Song by Edge of Dawn

October 30th: I Would Go by Smooth

October 31st: This Time by 3 Doors Down

Body: Jesse's Girl by Rick Springfield.
Mind: One of These Days by Emmylou Harris
Spirit: Stop the Bleeding by Sarah Darling

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Okay, I HAVE heard of four (4) of those groups / artists.  They all date from the 20th century.  So do I.

I must say, you make a far greater effort to keep up with the cutting edge than I ever bother to do.  I mean -

why bother?

Music for me never has been a bither. It's pretty passive by listening to college radio stations, having friends tell me or introduce me to local bands or music they like... and for me it's a lot like looking at going to see a movie. Spend a few minutes thinking about it and clicking a tag or Playlist on and seeing what pops up.

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