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The Action Reaction Wheel.
I have has pen pals since first grade. By 12 I was writing international pen pals. It tapered off around 25 to mostly email pen pals and a few who we would talk on journals. So over the last few years been getting a bit into text pals and trying to a few more email pals.

Soo... what happened to the motion? It seems people forgot the skill of adding more to the conversation! Might go good a day or two or even for a week with basic ice breakers but then it feels like they don't bother.
"Hi. How are you?" Will end with a okay, good, maintaining or whatever and then nothing else. I return asking how the day or an event went. Same single answers. Then after a few days, I will usually say email or text when you have time. Then next text from them I get usually over a week or so is asking why I stopped talking to them. I have even blunted asked them to give me a full sentence anwser. So instead of Okay. I'm ok..... and nothing more. I ask them if they want to know anything about me, new mexico, etc... nope, or never been there, or the most basic... Do you plan to come to America or how did you learn how to speak in English. Because SOMEHOW New Mexico is forgotten about in multiple grades, weather stations, or news broadcast because people keep putting me in Mexico and not part of the USA.

Back on track... It is not suppose to be a one person show. You can not expect someone to carry the conversation for very long before it does become a Monologue and as everyone here knows I can manage that just fine without trying to engage someone to fluff it up. So, the idea of pen pals and pen friends for me is not to voice my thoughts but to give back.
I recently started writing federal prisoners. My golly, they don't have much going on in their life and can still send 2 to 5 pages worth a week of thoughts and interests. So I feel it's scary to think people who long to connect to people outside don't think twice on how to keep a rolling conversations and people who work, do school, have a family life, read new books, go to events or even just stay at home at watch cable shows can not even answer a sentence or more and completely ignores giving the other person a reason to keep talking... then somehow makes it about not being good enough for me, or that I was bitch anyways.

Making me really think Facebook click like, and pokes or how many movies icons you share from netflix or who is onlibe to send gifts or life for phone games..will be soon how people measure the pride they have with the 'relationships' to all these people they interact with.

It can be easy how some people get the feeling no one is listening even they don't try to say anything.

Okay vent/pondering over.


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