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Going public

I do not post too often public or just friends. Way too many filters where I put things but anyways deciding to do a brief public so those who want can comment and I can add to additional filters if needed/wanted. So for a few this is a repeat so feel free to skip it.

I have been working with a friend on getting a spiritual circle together again. I asked my old church if I could use a name one of its groups held and I got permission.  So we will see where that goes. To keep up with this or events, let me know.

We did go to Germany this last summer and I had a chance to meet quite a few of Cloudy's dad side of the family. It was quite an adventure. If you want to know more of the drama and trauma of my family life, let me know. There are always good points but on Condor's side a nephew was arrested for Child abuse (towards his brother's son) and we need to travel up to Grants to get a chance to visit the 'nice' side of the family.

Cloudy is teaching middle school but looking at moving towards a high school. Looking at getting him Social Studies certified. Mostly due to his interest in History but he really wants to teach Earth Science and Mathematics. He is teaching Life Science and Math for 7th grade right now.

I still need to get down to my land to build my cabin but haven't had the time and needed additional repairs on the Van. Country life is just having to wait.

Swizzle had her TPLO but that resulted in 2 additional surgeries. So far 18 weeks with a cast/splint. They Change the bandages every 2 weeks. Dusty is having a really hard time moving now days. She can take about 15 steps before needing to rest. Due to the damage and way her hips healed why she was homeless, there is not much the vet can offer. Looking at was to help her get around now with her Physical therapist. Zia is turning 15. Seems hard that we have had her nearly ten years. She is acting like she is hard of hearing now, and her joints feel the weather and stiffness if she isn't too active.

I been dealing with a bit of Genealogy. Recently met a distant cousin's wife online so eager to share info with her when we have time. Planning on trying to get a trip to Arkansas to see family. Just had an early Christmas dinner with my great Uncle at his nursing home.

Been trying to get back to school but things keep coming up so hopefully next summer it will be possible again. Just need to brush up again on my math. I forget so much of it so easily.

Been working a bit with Peer support groups and working with a couple of people on trying to develop a online support group for people who need it.

So I will end it there for now. Hope everyone will have a great holiday!

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It is SO good to see you back here. I've missed you. I would love to hear more about everything going on in your life if I may. Oh, a cabin sounds heavenly. Bless Cloudy's heart for being brave enough to take on middle schoolers. I really hope he gets certified to teach in HS. Also, how wonderful that you are starting some groups to help people. How exciting that you are able to connect with family, especially on the trip to Germany. Sadly, I think most families have some members. I really hope you're able to go back to school. I went back in my late 20's and it was the best thing I ever did.

He is certified for H.S. just has not worked in H.S. yet. He would like to see how it is. its been a hard 2nd year due to a bit of unexpected obligations that were placed on him.

Well I will be 39 in March and August probably will be the earliest I can go back to school if nothing major comes up to take the money needed for school.

Good to see you!

I would be interested in reading family stuff, but it's more about what *you* are comfortable sharing.

I do need to talk a bit more on family... Its not as much as what I want to share but as much as trying not to just go on tangents and drive everyone too crazy with page long scattered thoughts.

Late in the season to build a cabin. I am a fan of compressed dirt.

Me too but it will look like we may be there for few weeks at a time and I am looking at possibly being pregnant so that is what making it more of a focus but it will still be very basic and small. 3 rooms at most (bathroom, Bed, and main room) it also does not help that my mother is 72 and being very sensitive to cold or heat so to let her escape the city need something more able to avoid extremes for her too.

Once we get all this cleared up and if we can move there a bit more, I want to try to get a lot in another area (40 acres) which would remain basically as primative as possible outside an outhouse and well.

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